We Want Good Software


The Gritty Details

Most software is slow and bloated. Chillbeard was started out of the desire to have programming tools that just work. If core features were given the attention they deserve, we could have tools that do what they need to do, and get out of the way. Well, maybe we can make a positive dent in the world with the work we do.

You stay classy.


The Team


He Puts the Beard in Chillbeard

Jeremiah "CaptainKraft" Goerdt

Stay-at-home dad, programmer, and proud neckbeard. He has no problem writing in third person because it makes him feel important. After drinking the OOP Kool-Aid for a while, he found his true love in the C programming language. Now, he regularly uses C and Odin.

When not working, he likes making hobby games, loves hanging out with the wife and kids, dreams of snowboarding more often, and hates long walks on the beach.